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September/October 2006 Features:

Haste Makes Waste: Lean Manufacturing Is growing
Lean manufacturing helps orthopedic manufacturers achieve better quality and be more cost efficient
By Jennifer Whitney

Forgers Hammer Out a Future in Orthopedics
With new technology and materials come newer sets of challenges and opportunities in the field
By Chris Trembath

Rapid Prototyping Keeps Pace With Brisk Orthopedic Changes
New technology enhances the conceptual phase of product development, changes manufacturing
By Frank Celia

Breathing New Life, New Profits Through Reprocessing
Time, money and productivity can be realized when you rethink
By Jim Rowe

ODT Conference
Inaugural event provides a unique forum for orthopedic device industry

September/October 2006 Departments:

Orthopedic Insights
By Martin Gold

Patent Law
By R. Joseph Trojan

Editor's Letter
By Christopher Delporte, Jennifer Whitney

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