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  • Large Joint
    The Ins and Outs of TKA Reimbursement

    The Ins and Outs of TKA Reimbursement

    Ira Kirschenbaum, M.D., never really gave much thought to his professional habitat. He’s spent more than two decades fixing broken or damaged knees, carefully drilling into bone, reattaching ligaments, and cementing new joints in place. Each…
    Michael Barbella, Managing Editor 03.21.18

  • Biologics | Large Joint
    We Can Rebuild Him; We Have the (Bio)technology

    We Can Rebuild Him; We Have the (Bio)technology

    If a roadway is cracked and full of potholes, it’s fixed by repaving. If an edifice is damaged, it’s fixed by rebuilding. But if a joint in the body is damaged, repair isn’t quite so simple. The meniscus, for example—the ca…
    Sam Brusco, Associate Editor 02.12.18

  • Bracing/Prosthetics
    Outsmarting the Laws of (Mother) Nature

    Outsmarting the Laws of (Mother) Nature

    There seems to be no limit to device intelligence these days. Better brainpower has permeated practically every aspect of modern life, easing such mundane tasks as vacuuming, cooking, dieting, home surveillance, and indoor climate control, among o…
    Michael Barbella, Managing Editor 11.21.17

  • Spine/Neurology
    Mind Over Matter: Brain-Controlled Physical Rehabilitation

    Mind Over Matter: Brain-Controlled Physical Rehabilitation

    It’s usually not a promising prognosis for patients once the connection between the brain and muscles becomes severed or disrupted in some way. Whether through spinal cord injury, a stroke, or a gait disability, mobility suffers once the brain…
    Sam Brusco, Associate Editor 10.02.17

  • An ACA Repeal With (Some) Appeal

    An ACA Repeal With (Some) Appeal

    The hours are finally getting to R. Blake Curd, M.D. As a doctor, he’s grown accustomed to working odd hours to care for patients. But over the last seven years, his schedule—and those of his colleagues—has increasingly become mo…
    Michael Barbella, Managing Editor 08.15.17

  • Biologics | Trauma/Sports
    Seeing Pain Relief in a New (Infrared) Light

    Seeing Pain Relief in a New (Infrared) Light

    Welcome to another installment of technology-based opioid alternatives to treat orthopedic pain. This one’s a bit on the lighter side (joke to be explained in due course), and features some empirical evidence, as I was able to test this device…
    Sam Brusco, Associate Editor 05.19.17

  • Extremities | Large Joint
    The ABCs of ASC Cost Savings

    The ABCs of ASC Cost Savings

    Rick E. Parsons, M.D., isn’t a big fan of hospitals. His aversion is quite paradoxical, however, considering he’s a self-professed “adventure junkie” and orthopedic surgeon who’s worked at four different hospitals in…
    Michael Barbella, Managing Editor 03.22.17

  • Spine/Neurology | Trauma/Sports
    Debunking the Skepticism of the ‘Good Vibes’ Treatment

    Debunking the Skepticism of the ‘Good Vibes’ Treatment

    I expect readers will tire of hearing this from me in due time, but the opioid addiction crisis has, ironically, become a rather painful burden on the healthcare system. The scary reality of this crisis is that it’s not junkies abusing the syst…
    Sam Brusco, Associate Editor 02.23.17

  • A Peek at the Future of Orthopedics

    A Peek at the Future of Orthopedics

    Looking back is much easier than looking forward. Winston Churchill, despite his talent as a futurist (he foretold of compact engines, wireless telephones, synthetic biology, and material 30 times stronger than steel), was not very fond of prognostic…
    Michael Barbella, Managing Editor 11.22.16

  • Biologics | Spine/Neurology
    Healing Powers of the Web

    Healing Powers of the Web

    Prof. Fritz Vollrath is utterly baffled by the concept of arachnophobia. His bewilderment is somewhat ironic, considering he’s the world’s foremost spider expert, having studied the hairy, eight-legged creatures longer than any other p…
    Michael Barbella, Managing Editor 09.20.16

  • Bionic Athletes Put Assistive Technology to the Test

    Bionic Athletes Put Assistive Technology to the Test

    ETH Zurich and Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research Robotics professor Robert Riener certainly had a set of lofty goals after reading about a patient with a powered knee prosthesis who walked up Chicago’s Willis tower in early 2013.…
    Sam Brusco, Associate Editor 08.09.16

  • Closing In on Healthcare’s ‘End Result’

    Closing In on Healthcare’s ‘End Result’

    Ernest A. Codman, M.D., never really fancied himself a visionary. An intense, uncompromising figure with a charming whimsical streak and a strong devotion to his professional beliefs, Codman once described himself as “quixotic” or a &ldqu…
    Michael Barbella, Managing Editor 05.23.16

  • Trauma/Sports
    Barefoot Running: Embrace the Gait or Wait?

    Barefoot Running: Embrace the Gait or Wait?

    The joke goes like this: “How do you know someone is a vegan? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.” It’s not an old joke; rather, it’s a new one that has emerged in recent months as veganism, the raw-food movement, and o…
    Ranica Arrowsmith, Associate Editor 03.23.16

  • Marking a Decade of Constants

    Credit the romance novels. Or Mother Nature. Either could have inspired French novelist/critic/journalist (and floriculture fanatic) Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr to conceive the famous axiom plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose—the mo…
    Michael Barbella , Managing Editor 11.17.15

  • The Good, the Bad and the Big Deal

    2015 may go down as the year of the ‘big deal,’ not to be surpassed for a while.
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director 09.15.15

  • A Look Outside the Top 10: Orthopedic Startups Making a Mark

    Orthopedic Design & Technology’s Top 10 issue highlights giants in the industry, providing insight into the successes and pitfalls experienced by the companies in orthopedic technology that bring in the most money. On the opposite end of th…
    Ranica Arrowsmith, Associate Editor 08.05.15

  • Association Formed to Represent Device Firms in Asia-Pacific

    When medical device companies look for new areas of market growth, most heads turn eastward. It’s no surprise that the Asia-Pacific region is poised to provide increasing opportunity to medical technology firms thanks to a growing middle class,…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director 05.27.15

  • Bridging the Medtech Skills Gap

    Shelby County, Tenn., is the Mississippi Delta’s unofficial capital—785 square miles of pure Southern charm, stretching from the smooth-but-steep fourth Chickasaw Bluff in bustling Memphis to the gently rolling farmland in bucolic Bartlet…
    Michael Barbella , Managing Editor 04.01.15

  • Silicon Nitride Bioceramic, Biomaterials Wunderkind

    CEO of Amedica discusses future of the material and its potential applications.
    Ranica Arrowsmith, Associate Editor 02.18.15

  • 3-D Printing/Additive Mfg.

    3-D Scanners Promise Potential to Improve Patient Experience and Increase Manufacturing Efficiency

    Artec Group, a Luxembourg-based technology company that makes 3-D scanners and face scanning technology, is expanding its reach in the orthotics and prosthetics space with a partnership with Ottobock.
    Ranica Arrowsmith 12.01.14