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EOS Accuses Phenix Systems of Patent Infringement

Electro Optical Systems Inc. (EOS) has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Phenix Systems, a French company that designs, produces and sells rapid manufacturing equipment.

The suit, filed March 5 in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division, claims Phenix infringed upon technological patents held by EOS. The lawsuit also states that Phenix is using that technology in its PXL, PXM and PXS dental product lines.

Phenix’s PX line of equipment consists of machines that make dental prostheses using the laser sintering of cobalt-chromium. This process of manufacturing layers a certain material—in Phenix’s case, cobalt-chromium—over an object that has the desired 3-D shape of the final product. As a laser-sintering production company, EOS is accusing Phenix encroached upon two patents the company holds on laser-sintering processes.

EOS claims in a press release that Phenix had “actual notice” of the patents, but nonetheless continued to infringe upon them. A lawyer representing Phenix declined to comment on the legal tussle, telling Orthopedic Design & Technology that the company had not yet been served with the lawsuit.

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