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Arthrosurface Makes its First $100 Million

Franklin, Mass.-based Arthrosurface has reached the $100 million mark (specifically in cumulative net revenue). The company believes its increased revenues to be a sign of an increased need for joint replacement procedures, which is often the result of an aging population.

A provider of anatomic inlay implants for early joint disease, Arthrosurface also provides patient-matching metallic resurfacing, which are thin, contoured and sized according to the defect and shape and the patient’s native joint surface. The company is concerned mainly with providing minimally invasive surgical solutions for joint cartilage damage. It currently provides a range of devices for hip, knee, shoulder and toe joint treatments.

"We knew the idea of intervening sooner rather than later, when joint damage is limited, went against the conventional wisdom of traditional orthopedics. In the world of total joints, treatment is typically delayed until significant joint destruction has occurred,” said Steve Tallarida, president of the company. “We decided to take our cue from other disciplines, such as cardiology and dentistry, where stents and fillings are the first line choices for early intervention. Patients should have the option of considering an interim treatment in order to resume a normal lifestyle while hopefully delaying joint disease progression."

Arthrosurface was formed in 2001 to provide surgical solutions for joint disease. It was formed out of the company STD Medical. Arthrosurface has recently ventured into the Mexican market and has plans to further expand globally, officials noted.

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