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Stryker Forms Environmental Coalition

Together with 17 other healthcare companies, Stryker has co-founded a coalition with Practice Greenhealth to advance the purchase of products and processes that are less hazardous to the environment. Named the Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) Business Leadership Coalition, it was founded in response to the increased demand from hospitals for greener products to support their sustainability goals.

Practice Greenhealth is a nonprofit membership organization founded in 1998, when the American Hospital Association and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency signed an agreement to advance pollution prevention efforts in U.S. healthcare facilities. The organization collaborates with its members to provide sustainable healthcare that is good for the environment and good for patients and staff, while at the same time protecting revenues. It creates plans to eliminate mercury, reduce and recycle solid waste, reduce regulated and chemical waste, reduce energy and water consumption, create healing environments, and establish green purchasing policies.

“Hospitals can lower their environmental footprint by saving water or reducing greenhouse gas emissions, for example. But, they depend on suppliers when it comes to the environmental impact of the products they purchase,” said Brian White, president of Stryker’s sustainability solutions division. “Hospitals are asking suppliers to step up and become partners in this effort. It is critical that as suppliers, we begin working towards more environmentally responsible products and solutions. In addition to developing new products, this coalition is about increased transparency and accountability to drive outcomes that lead to a more environmentally and financially sustainable industry.”

Stryker’s sustainability solutions division, formerly Ascent, was purchased in 2010.

The 17 companies in the newly formed coalition include medical device industry leaders such as Johnson & Johnson, 3M, Becton Dickinson and Covidien. According to its statement of objectives, the coalition intends to:
• Identify materials of concern and develop more sustainable products;
• Devise strategies to reduce environmental impact of medical products through practices such as reusing and recycling; and
• Educate other institutions and companies, including hospitals, healthcare suppliers and group purchasing organizations about environmental best practices.

EPP members also have committed to reporting results of their efforts relative to Coalition objectives on an annual basis.

“We’re pleased to partner with Stryker because the company demonstrates leadership in the future of smart healthcare,” said Bob Jarboe, Practice Greenhealth executive vice president of business development. “Stryker is committed to providing hospitals options to address fiscal and environmental sustainability concerns. This is exactly the direction that the healthcare industry must go—and one that will benefit us all.”

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