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BMS Introduces New Medical Textile Technologies

Warwick, R.I.-based Biomedical Structures LLC (BMS) has announced a new tapered medical textile solution for tendons, ligaments and other orthopedic applications. The textile is able to match human anatomical construction of tendons and replicate performance, the company claims.

BMS shapes bio-absorbable and permanent fibers to resemble the human anatomy of tendons by developing precise dimensions and load-bearing performance characteristics within a functional shape that mirrors natural geometries. The company asserts that this textile engineering approach has the power to enable a new class of implant solutions for tendon and ligament repair applications that require sutured tissue and subsequent re-growth of natural cells to replace the damage. The textile complements BMS’ current tapering and bifurcation capabilities for very fine fabrics.

The advantage of textile materials as opposed to rigid materials such as metals and plastics are that they provide stretch and give in a joint. As a company, BMS concentrates only on medical textiles, and has a range of weaving equipment for synthetic polymers, including fibers such as polyester, UHMWPE (ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene), and PLLA (polylactis acid). The company claims its weaving technologies result in heightened strength and flexibility of fine fibers that allows for controlled freedom of movement in patients, an essential part of the recovery process.

Recent figures cite nearly 32 million repetitive and traumatic tendon and ligament injuries reported annually, a figure expected to increase as the population ages, and current synthetic replacements available are limited.

“Medical device OEMs will now be able to create synthetic tendon and ligament repair structures that match human anatomy more closely than ever before,” said BMS CEO Dean Tulumaris. “As we marry our expertise in tapering very fine fibers for cardiovascular applications with deep experience in orthopedic reconstruction and repair device support, we are excited to bring this breakthrough capability to the market.”

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