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Wright Medical Removes Knee Website at Behest of Federal Court

When Stryker Corp. began a print and television marketing campaign aimed at reaching the consumer directly, it gave its Triathlon total knee the trademarked nickname “Get Around” knee. Stryker wanted to more clearly define the purpose of the product for potential customers, which is to help patients retain more natural motion and increase longevity of the knee replacement. Although the knee has done well on the market for over a decade, Stryker’s marketing department anticipated that the word “triathlon” would be intimidating to patients simply seeking to retain normal knee motion.

The company, however, ran into a problem. While Stryker registered the web domain in October 2011, Wright registered the domain in July this year, using that site to promote its own products. Stryker filed an infringement lawsuit, and a federal judge has now ruled in Stryker’s favor, forcing Wright to take the website down.

Because Wright has been agreeable in removing the website, it is likely there will be no further court action necessary.

Stryker Corp. is based in Kalamazoo, Mich., and Wright Medical has its headquarters in Arlington, Tenn.

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