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Remedy Informatics Launches Joint Replacement Registry

Remedy Informatics Inc. has established a registry for total joint replacement (TJR) outcomes called RemedyJoint that will be accessible to hospitals, surgeons and researchers. Remedy is a Salt Lake City, Utah-based provider of registries and research informatics for the life sciences.

“It is universally accepted that orthopedics and arthroplasty are experiencing explosive growth in the United States and around the world,” said Gary Kennedy, founder and CEO of Remedy Informatics. “Couple the tremendous growth with the industry’s efforts to improve the quality of joint replacement products and surgeries, and it is clear that having a product to track, analyze and improve results is needed. We believe a local total joint replacement registry for hospitals and surgeon groups is the best research and clinical informatics solution to drive comparative effectiveness research, organizational quality initiatives and support outcomes reporting to state and national registries.”

RemedyJoint is built on the company’s Mosaic technology platform. The registry is intended to enable researchers and clinicians to efficiently track and gather patient demographic, medical history, procedure, complication and patient reported outcome data across multiple surgeons, surgeon groups and hospitals. Once collected, the data can be analyzed using pattern recognition tools to further efforts to optimize patient outcomes and reduce the cost of care, according to Remedy.

Remedy recently partnered with the American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR) to help establish its national hip and knee replacement registry, also based on the Mosaic platform. “We are encouraged by the American Joint Replacement Registry’s progress in standing up a national total joint replacement registry and creating a platform to track U.S. arthroplasty outcomes and implant survivorship,” said Rob Ludlow, vice president of product management at Remedy and current RemedyJoint product manager. “We designed RemedyJoint to complement the AJRR and enable out-of-the-box TJR outcomes reporting—while still offering orthopedic surgeons and hospitals the flexibility of a local total joint replacement outcomes registry that can be configured to support their research interests and quality objectives.”

Ludlow’s vision for RemedyJoint is to deliver a “flexible, user-friendly total joint replacement research and outcomes management solution that aggregates and harmonizes data from disparate sources, enables multi-site collaboration, and can be tailored to support clinical workflows, detailed research interests, and quality improvement initiatives. Orthopedic surgeons, clinical staff and researchers will now be able to use cutting-edge research informatics tools to see and parse their TJR outcomes data like never before.”

In the future, according to the company, other available features will include tracking orthopedic outcomes and implant survivorship for quality improvement initiatives; showing comparative effectiveness research for TJR to help inform surgeons and hospitals about optimal practices and reduce variation in care delivery; and connecting multiple sites to facilitate collaboration and widespread clinical trials.

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