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Claron and Hectec Partner to Create New Orthopedic Solutions

Toronto, Canada-based Claron Technology, a software developer for advanced visualization and analysis of medical images, entered a long-term partnership with Hectec GmbH of Landshut, Germany, to develop orthopedic solutions. As part of the agreement, Hectec will license Claron’s Withinsight Framework (WIF) medical image visualization and analysis toolkit and its new SpineMapper engine for automated mapping of spinal anatomical landmarks. Hectec develops software for the mapping of orthopedic surgery.

Claron’s WIF platform is designed to provide companies with a full range of tools for the development of specialized medical imaging software applications by providing building blocks for correlated viewing, segmentation, registration and abnormality detection, as well as controlling multiple data volumes, clipping and colorizing spatial regions.

“Claron’s technology will enable us to enhance and diversify our product line based on a proven platform that will accelerate development of a wide range of advanced software features,” sais Joern Seel, CEO of Hectec. “Claron is a visionary and dynamic company with a creative technical team. We believe the partnership will significantly streamline our product development cycle and enable the expansion of our orthopedic product line to support accurate, yet easy to use, 3D analysis and surgical planning.”

“We are pleased to partner with Hectec, an internationally recognized leader in its field,” rejoined Doron Dekel, co-CEO (along with Claudio Gatti) and chief technology officer of Claron. “The company’s mediCAD solution sets the standard for digital orthopedic planning and has a large and loyal customer base. We share Hectec’s vision of enabling orthopedic surgeons to work in 3D with ease by automating all the time consuming steps involved in 3D interactions, and believe the opportunities for our mutual growth will be significant.”

Hectec’s mediCAD is an electronic catalog of orthopedic patient information, intended to help any hospital and physician in the network to have immediate access to patient implant information for digital operation planning.

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