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Mako Surgical Funds Two Studies of its Arthroplasty Procedures

Shortly after reporting on its 2012 fourth quarter and end-of-year review, Mako Surgical has awarded Rebound Orthopedics & Neurosurgery in Portland, Wash. a $265,000 three-year grant for two research studies to be conducted at Rebound’s Salmon Creek office. Rebound is a clinic that serves the southwest Washington region, and Fort Lauderdale, Fl.-based Mako produces implants, devices and robotics for orthopedic surgery.

The first study, Clinical Outcomes of Joint Arthroplasty, will compare the outcomes of Makoplasty, a robotic assisted partial knee resurfacing procedure, with traditional (non-robotic) total knee replacement surgery. The robotic assisted technique is an alternative to total knee replacement for eligible surgical candidates. According to Mako, the procedure more precise and less invasive than a total knee replacement, and is touted for improved patient outcomes including shorter hospital stays and faster recovery. The research grant provides funding for Rebound to assess and record actual patient outcomes. According to the clinic, the study will take ten years to complete.

The purpose of the second study, Clinical and Economic Comparison of Robotic Versus Manual Knee Arthroplasty, is to document and compare the surgical and after surgery costs, recovery time, and outcomes of robotic assisted partial knee replacement and traditional total knee replacement. Participants are asked to be involved for one year and the study will take three years to complete.

Rebound orthopedic surgeon Todd Borus, M.D., one of the principal investigators, has sub-specialty interest in arthritis and joint replacement surgery. According to Rebound, he was the first surgeon in the Northwest United States to perform robotic assisted partial knee replacements.

Donald Roberts, M.D. is the other principal investigator. Roberts is an orthopedic surgeon with expertise is disorders relating to the knee. He previously conducted other research projects on knee replacement surgical outcomes and patella resurfacing.

Overseeing the functional testing for the outcomes study will be Michael Baer, a physical therapist at the clinic. He has special interest in sports medicine and geriatric orthopedics, with expertise in rehabilitating joint replacement patients.

Finally, Rebound’s Research Director Pam Fairchild will oversee the day-to-day management of both studies. She has worked closely with Liaison between Mako and Rebound to facilitate administering the grant money. She will enroll patients in bthe study, conduct testing, report on outcomes and compile test data for the economic study.

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