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Smith & Nephew Highlights New Products, Education at AAOS

Smith & Nephew Inc., the London, United Kingdom-based medical technology company, will highlight several of its orthopedic devices at this year’s 80th annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS). The conference will be held in Chicago, Ill., from March 19-23.

New products highlighted at the show include the recently launched Redapt hip revision system, the Journey II BCS knee, which incorporates Verilast technology in a knee replacement system that restores the anatomical shapes and more normal motion of the human knee, and a new modular rail system for deformity correction and limb restoration/lengthening that was designed in collaboration with Dror Paley, M.D.

The Redapt hip has a tapered, forged titanium stem with a cobalt chrome neck. The implant was launched last November. Journey II is made of material hoped to be better at resisting wear. Verilast is made from Oxinium, an oxidized zirconium, and highly cross-linked polyethylene. Smith & Nephew claims Oxinium combines the strength of metal with the wear resistance of ceramics.

Smith & Nephew will also feature the All28 foot and ankle portfolio (named after the 28 bones in the foot and ankle), and a suite of sports medicine technologies, including the Fast-Fix 360 meniscal repair system, the Dyonics platinum series blades, and Healicoil PK, Bioraptor and Osteoraptor suture anchors for joint repair. These devices are hoped to demonstrate the company’s participation in high-growth areas of orthopedics.

The All28 suite provides internal and external fixation, and can reportedly be customized. The Fast-Fix 360 rotates 360 degrees, which is intended to allow physicians to deploy implants with either hand, in any position, and in one motion.

Also highlighted will be the company’s advanced wound management (AWM) surgical incision management portfolio, led by the single-use, pocket-sized Pico negative pressure wound therapy system, one of a number of AWM products that can help reduce orthopedic surgical site complications, such as dehiscence or edema.

A group of orthopedic surgeons, including Marc Philippon, M.D., and Dror Paley, M.D., will share their latest clinical results and innovative techniques as part of the daily workshop series in Smith & Nephew’s booth at AAOS. Some of the sessions planned are “Approaching complex rotator cuff surgery with ease,” “Bone defects in shoulder instability,” and “Osteochondral lesions of the ankle.”

Smith & Nephew’s U.S. base is in Memphis, Tenn.

Editor’s note: The company will be displaying at booth 1218.

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