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SpineVision Uses Polymer from Royal DSM

Royal DSM has entered into a license and supply agreement with spinal implant surgical systems developer SpineVision Inc., a French company with U.S. headquarters in Sausalito, Calif.

The agreement grants SpineVision the use of Bionate II PCU, a proprietary DSM polymer, in its new Flex+2 system. The system is designed to adapt to the various stages of disc degeneration from early degeneration of intervertebral discs to total disc degeneration requiring fusion procedures. This level of flexibility is intended to offer spine surgeons more options in the treatment of lumbar disc diseases, and to allow selective segmental stabilization to better treat disc degeneration throughout multiple stages.

The Flex+2 system uses a top-loading, top-tightening design, which accommodates both open surgical and percutaneous approaches. DSM’s Bionate II PCU encapsulates the metal wire and reportedly provides the system with enhanced frontal and sagittal stabilization, assuring flexion and extension, which allow for increased freedom of movement and better accommodation to the spine without loss of strength or stability.

“The combination of design changes and the use of Bionate II PCU have enabled SpineVision to enhance the mechanical capabilities of the new Flex+2 system leading to extended indications,” said Arnaud Brisard, CEO of SpineVision.

“DSM’s polyurethane materials have a proven clinical history and have been used in several dynamic stabilization devices and implants,” said William Fuller, director of business development at DSM Biomedical. “Our Bionate II PCU provides increased flexibility and shock absorbing characteristics, replicating the natural movements of the spine.”

SpineVision will launch the Flex+2 system in the European Union. The device is not currently available in the United States.

Royal DSM is based in Heerlen, the Netherlands, and provides polymer, coatings and drug-delivery technology for the medical device market.

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