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Orthofix Rolls Out New Allograft Technology

A product development partnership between Orthofix International and the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF) has resulted in the release of the Trinity Elite allograft and VersaShield amniotic membrane tissue forms. The technology will be released through Orthofix’s Spine Fixation and U.S. Extremity Fixation distribution channels.

Trinity Elite is a third-generation allograft with viable cells and, according to the company, provides surgeons with a unique alternative to autograft, the standard for bone grafting. According to officials from Lewisville, Texas-based Orthofix, Trinity Elite provides also is unique in that it is fully moldable by the user, a key distinction of the proprietary technology that MTF developed.

“In my initial usage of TrinityElite, I have been extremely satisfied with the ability to pack more graft material into a disc space during a posterior lumbar interbody fusion procedure, as well as posterior laterally,” said Peter M. Shedden, M.D., of the Greater Houston Neurosurgery Center in The Woodlands, Texas, and a member of the medical education team of Orthofix. “In addition, this novel allograft represents a new option for surgeons who want to apply a cell-based allograft to the lateral gutter and lay it flat along the transverse process.”

Orthofix President and CEO Brad Mason said: “We are very excited about the initial feedback from the early adopters, which has been universally and extremely positive, as it confirms Trinity Elite overcomes current challenges in graft containment and handling of cell-based tissue forms. Orthofix has long maintained its commitment to co-developing and commercializing such exciting technology with MTF, and we plan to continue being innovators in this space.”

Bruce Stroever, CEO of the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation said the five-year partnership between the MTF and Orthofix, “has proven to be a successful endeavor providing a new, viable cell tissue form to tissue recipients. This next generation allograft is the first cell-based offering of its kind designed to provide an enhanced handling experience and greatly improved graft containment properties.”

Founded in 1987, the non-profit Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation, is one of the nation’s leading tissue banks, and connects donors with surgeons and transplant recipients. Since its inception, MTF has recovered tissue from more than 100,000 donors and distributed more than 5 million grafts for transplantation.

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