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OrthoWorx Partners to Create Education Program for Medical Device Quality

Warsaw, Ind.-based OrthoWorx is partnering with Grace College to launch a new program called “Quality in Medical Devices Management,” developed through a educational collaboration among industry, OrthoWorx and Grace College, to “fill a critical talent gap necessary to accommodate industry growth and increasingly complex quality requirements,” according to a recent release from OrthoWorx.

The program is a continuation of the organization's work in the area of education and workforce development and represents another step in group’s efforts to link the resources of Indiana’s higher education community to the needs of the orthopedic industry—one of state’s largest industies. OrthoWorx was founded in 2009 with initial funding from the Lilly Endowment (an Indianapolis, Ind.-based, private philanthropic foundation created in 1937). It is a community-based initiative that works with the orthopedic industry and other stakeholders to ensure that the Warsaw region continues to reap the social and economic benefits that derive from its position as one of the world’s largest orthopedic manufacturing centers.

OrthoWorx commissioned a research study to identify gaps that exist between the career development needs and educational needs of the regional orthopedic industry specific to quality management. The research is being used to develop the new program. Grace College is small liberal arts school based in Winona Lake, just outside Warsaw.

“We need to continue to ensure a talented workforce for the continued and long-term success of our region,” said OrthoWorx CEO Sheryl Conley. “The demand for orthopedic employees with advanced quality management skills has never been greater. The quality process impacts every aspect of the orthopedic industry. We believe this program will also strengthen our region by providing opportunities for residents to gain new educational credentials and advance their careers in the medical device industry.”

“Education and workforce development initiatives like those being pursued by OrthoWorx demonstrate long-term vision for our community. The recently announced matching funds opportunity from Lilly Endowment Inc. for OrthoWorx is a unique opportunity for the community to be involved in a meaningful way. Every eligible dollar up to $3.5 million raised before Oct. 15 will be matched by the Endowment, enabling the expansion of programs that leverage our region’s strengths, such as the OrthoWorx Center of Excellence at Grace College,” said William Katip, president of Grace College. “We are excited to continue our partnership with OrthoWorx and build on the success of the OrthoWorx Center of Excellence at Grace College to proactively meet workforce needs in our region. Similar to the Orthopaedic Regulatory and Clinical Affairs graduate program, now in its third cohort, this new program will also be developed in conjunction with the medical device industry and taught by industry experts.”

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