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Smith & Nephew Introduces Silver-Infused Wound Dressing

British orthopedic and wound management technology company Smith & Nephew plc has introduced a new antimicrobial gelling fiber dressing in the United States. The Durafiber Ag (Ag being the element symbol for silver) combines a highly absorbent, gelling fiber filler dressing infused with silver, which is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial. According to the company, the addition of silver provides clinicians with a different approach to address bacterial contamination posed by medium to heavily exuding wounds.

“Durafiber Ag is strong when wet—a key attribute for ease of use for gelling fiber dressings,” said Robin Carlstein, interim president of Smith and Nephew’s North America Advanced Wound Management division. “U.S. clinicians will now have the effective exudate management and anti-shrinkage properties of the Durafiber dressings with the addition of a broad-spectrum antimicrobial. The Durafiber portfolio facilitates clean, cost-effective, one-piece dressing removal continuing on the Smith & Nephew commitment to deliver consistent clinical and economic benefits for wound care.”

Durafiber Ag was cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2011, but the company chose to delay the release of the dressing in the United States.

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