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OligoMedic Targeting Europe With Cartilage Repair Product

Call it the quintessential anniversary gift.

OligoMedic will celebrate the first anniversary of CEMark approval for JointRep by launching the injectible implant inEurope at the 51st National Congress SCIM in Rimini, Italy on Oct. 3. The Canadian company describes its signature product as a simple, biocompatible, bioadhesive implant designed to treat cartilage articular joint defects and reduce articular pain. It can be used in the knee, hip, ankle, wrist, elbow, shoulder and extremities.

JointRep typically is liquid at room temperature and undergoes thermal phase transition to form a solid at body temperature, providing convenient and ease-of-use handling during arthroscopy.

The product has shown a significant reduction of Western Ontario and McMaster Universities index score at six months, with a prolonged effect, to-date, up to 18 months in a clinical follow-up where patients have been treated under Canadian SAP.

OligoMedic CEO Dr. Amine Selmani, Ph.D., said his company developed JointRep to help reduce osteoarthritis pain and improve patients' quality of life.

"JointRep provides a significant added value to 98 percent of arthroscopy procedures packed in a three-minute procedural time," he noted.

Currently, OligoMedic is expanding its product distribution to Italy, Belgium, Greece, Poland, eastern Europe, and Brazil, and is expanding its regulatory submissions to emerging markets such as Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.

Quebec-headquartered OligoMedic manufactures osteoarthritis products.

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