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EIZO, Stryker Partner for Better O.R. Monitor Management Systems

EIZO Corporation and Stryker Corporation are joining forces to offer customers integrated large monitor management systems for use in standard and hybrid operating rooms.

Under terms of the partnership, EIZO will provide large monitors that can display multiple video sources simultaneously in conjunction with Stryker integrated operating suites. These configurable solutions initially will be offered in North America.

EIZO develops monitor solutions for X-ray and vascular surgery; its portfolio includes large, medical-grade, ultra high resolution monitors up to 60 inches and the accompanying management system designed to allow users to change custom layouts on the fly. The partnership will enable both companies to work collectively on delivering products and services that ultimately will improve efficiency and care within hybrid and interventional operating rooms (OR).

Stryker FLEXiS LS and M3 Boom System

Stryker’s large screen and multi-monitor mounts are designed to support monitors up to 60 in size (54 in. by 31.5 in. by 6 in.). The FLEXiS LS has adjustable side protection and can accommodate a variety of monitors. Included in the Stryker family of monitor mounts is the FLEXiS M3, a multi-monitor mount which is customizable to mount dual rows of monitors to accommodate any variety of sizes and configurations. The FLEXiS LS and M3 systems also have a unique pressure switch along the entire length of the bottom bracket which articulates the monitor up and away if any object comes into contact with it. This provides additional safety and care inside of the Hybrid OR, while giving doctors and staff access to the images and data necessary for complex procedures. Stryker also provides ceiling mounted solutions, offering systems such as surgical LED lights, flat panel arms, extended horizontal arms and a variety of equipment, anesthesia, and perfusion booms, all of which are configurable to the specific environment in which it will be utilized.

Stryker Integrated Operating Room Solutions

The SwitchPoint Infinity 3 Control System is an integrated platform that can be tailored to the needs of each individual Hybrid Suite, providing efficiency and flexibility during surgical procedures. This pixel HD digital video routing system supports all video standards and resolutions including 1080P and up to 1200P. In an effort to enhance staff efficiencies within the Hybrid Suite, the SwitchPoint Infinity 3 offers features that help staff perform tasks efficiently. These features include integrated surgical timeout, customizable room presets, centralized OR equipment controls, multiple PC controls, split screen and quad view capabilities.

Founded in 1968, EIZO Corporation is a global manufacturer of high-end visual display products. The company is headquartered in Hakusan, Ishikawa, Japan.

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