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MicroPort Orthopedics Expands in Tennessee

Following the recent closure of the acquisition of Wright Medical’s OrthRecon business, MicroPort Scientific Corporation is opening an 8,500-square-foot training facility for orthopedic surgeons in Arlington, Tenn., around the headquarters of the former OrthoRecon division. Now called MicroPort Orthopedics, the division is also hoping to triple its capacity at its Arlington manufacturing facility.

According to Ted Davis, former president of OrthoRecon and current CEO of MicroPort Orthopedics, the division is 60 percent of MicroPort Scientific’s overall revenue.

“We’re part of what they’re trying to become, which is a global device player,” Davis said.

While Wright previously (and MicroPort currently) uses the Medical Education and Research Institute in downtown Memphis for surgical training, Davis says the planned new facility will provide more efficiency for visiting surgeons. Construction on that facility is expected to begin in the spring.

MicroPort Orthopedics currently employs about 600 people in Arlington, but Davis said the expansion is hoped to add new jobs. While it is uncertain exactly how many jobs MicroPort’s plans will bring to the area, Davis did say that the current facility only operates at around 30 percent of its capacity.

“We could probably triple our output without building anything else,” he said. “If we fill this factory up, it’ll be a great growth generator in terms of employment.”

MicroPort Scientific is based in China, and is focused on minimally invasive and emerging technologies.

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