A Note to ODT Readers

By Editor-in-Chief | 03.17.20

Ensuring the disruption to all of our lives doesn’t impact the delivery of news and information to you.

The medical device industry has faced a number of challenges during the time in which I’ve covered it. From supply chain disruptions caused by natural disasters to short-sighted regulations that stifled innovation to M&A activity that resulted in market shake-ups, the industry has persevered and continued to develop technologies that aid in the delivery of care around the globe. This current interruption, while perhaps more far-reaching, is really just another in a line of obstacles that have been overcome.
As I write this from the basement of my home, a temporary setting for bringing news and information to your desk (which may too currently reside within an uncommon setting), I’m confident with regard to the ability of the team at ODT to maintain a focus on our mission. That is, to ensure you stay sufficiently informed to best accomplish whatever tasks lie before you.
While COVID-19 may be dominating headlines (and we’ll continue to keep you informed on relevant stories as we encounter them), you’ll also see the information you’re accustomed to seeing from us, whether in the magazine, on the website, in a newsletter, or through our social media channels.

I hope the challenges you face in maintaining a commitment to your customers in this unusual time are not so overwhelming they see a substantial reduction of the reliability they undoubtedly have grown to expect from you. That is our goal as well. We hope our continued efforts in keeping you up-to-date is accomplished in such a way it appears seamless to you as a reader.

Should there be any way we can better inform you or if there are any topics we should be covering that you haven’t seen, never hesitate to reach out to share your thoughts, opinions, or comments. I can be reached at sfenske@rodmanmedia.com.

On behalf of the entire team who helps ensure your experience with ODT remains of the highest quality, I’d like to say stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to seeing you after this period passes.

Sean Fenske