Industry Events Schedule Disrupted Due to Coronavirus—Full Event List

By Sean Fenske, Editor-in-Chief | 03.18.20

The medical device manufacturing industry has seen the postponement or cancellation of a number of upcoming events.

As a result of precautions involved with avoiding having too many people together at one gathering as a way to slow the spread of COVID-19, a good number of medical device industry events have been cancelled or postponed. Following is a list of many of the events of which we are aware that have been impacted.

ECR 2020 (March 11-15): July 15-19
Mediweek (March 17-18): November
Future Health (March 17-18): March 17-18, 2021
Medtech Japan Tokyo (March 18-20): Cancelled
Medtech Meetup 2020 (March 19): Cancelled
American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons 2020 Annual Meeting (March 24-28): Cancelled
MDIC's Patient Engagement Forum (March 26): Postponed
ACC.20 Together With World Congress of Cardiology (March 28-30): Cancelled
WearRAcon 2020 (March 30-April 1): In-Person Conference Cancelled; Virtual Event Planned
MedtecLIVE and MedTech Summit (March 31-April 2): June 30-July 2

ASTM International (April): All in-person events cancelled
Med-Tech Innovation Expo (April 1-2): September 29-30
Design of Medical Devices 2020 (April 6-9): Cancelled
North Africa Health Expo (April 7-9): Postponed
ComplianceOnline Medical Device Summit 2020 (April 16-17): Postponed
Hannover Messe Home of Industrial Pioneers (April 20-24): July 13-17
MedCity INVEST Chicago (April 21-22): July 21-22
MedTech Strategist’s Innovation Summit Dublin 2020 (April 21-23): September 7-9
International Federation of Foot & Ankle Societies (IFFAS) 2020 (April 23-25): Postponed
ISSLS’s Annual Meeting/Spineweek (April 27-May 1): Cancelled
Interphex (April 28-30): July 15-17

ASTM International (May): All in-person events cancelled
Spotlight Medical Extrusion & Secondary Operations Conference (May 4-5): September 1-2
BIOMEDevice Boston (May 6-7): September 16-17
AOFAS Advanced Foot & Ankle Course (May 7-9): Cancelled
interpack (May 7-13): February 25-March 3, 2021
Octane’s Tech Innovation Forum (May 11-12): September 10-11

Ophthalmology Technology Summit (June 26): July 31

If you are aware of medical device industry events that have been rescheduled or cancelled not represented on this list, please forward to us at