Stryker Experiencing 'Minimal' Supply Chain Disruptions Due to COVID-19

By Stryker Corp. | 03.24.20

Non-critical customer interactions are being handled virtually or by phone.

Like many medical device and orthopedic companies, Stryker Corp. is experiencing a disruption in normal business operations due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. The company has created a COVID-19 response page on its website, where it outlines the virus' effects on the supply chain and the steps it is taking to mitigate the spread of disease among employees. Stryker claims it has experienced minimal product disruptions. The company is actively assessing potential business impact and implementing plans to protect employees, customers and communities. Stryker says it is committed to maintaining product availability and will provide updates as necessary. Common questions related to supply chain
Does Stryker anticipate product disruptions as a result of the COVID-19? "We have experienced minimal product disruptions as a result of the coronavirus at this time. However, this is a changing and dynamic situation that we are monitoring very closely. We are actively assessing potential business impact across our global supply chain and taking measures to help mitigate risk to our product supply.
What steps is Stryker taking to maintain product supply? We have business continuity plans that manage risk to manufacturing and raw material supply, and ensure that we are making every effort to maintain product supply and meet customer needs. If a product or raw material is deemed at risk, we will execute these contingency plans, including seeking alternative suppliers, expediting shipments and reallocating raw materials and/or finished goods from other parts of our global network. This is a changing and dynamic situation that we are monitoring very closely. We will continue to prioritize the safety of our employees, customers and communities in all supply chain decisions. This guidance is intended to be temporary and may be expanded, extended or terminated by Stryker at any time.

In a letter, President and Chief Operating Officer Timothy J. Scannell the company is "working around the world to put people first and deliver" on its mission to improve healthcare. "We understand that maintaining product supply is more important than ever. We are focused on maintaining product availability and will update you if anything changes, his letter states.  

"We believe the best way to protect people is to reduce exposure. We are embracing opportunities to do that through work at home policies, travel restrictions and virtual education programs. We will find new, creative ways to engage and support you. We know that communication is critical. We have created a dedicated COVID-19 resource center at We will keep this center updated with information based on feedback about what is important to you," the letter reads.
 Stryker also has provided guidance for our field-based sales and service employees. The company is taking steps to meet customers where they are  "which means finding creative and flexible ways to support" customers and their patients.
General guidance

Employees will enter customer locations only to conduct business-critical activities through June 30, 2020. Non-critical customer interactions (business reviews, contract reviews, negotiations, etc.) will be managed virtually or by telephone during this time. Acceptable activities may include:
  • Product implementations / new product in-services
  • Case coverage / support
  • Evaluations / trials for upgrades or conversions
  • Product repair, service and support
  • Clinical hands-on training
  • Product demonstrations and protocol compliance reinforcement
  • Clinical presentations that promote safety for hospital staff and patients
  • Used device collections for reprocessing
The company is urging its field-based personnel to be ultra-sensitive to the needs, requests and policies established by customers and their healthcare institutions. It encourages customers to ask for what they need and let Stryker know how to best serve them.

Employees who develop cold or flu-like symptoms are prohibited from entering a customer location. Employees also are required to comply with all applicable local, regional and federal government restrictions.