OrthoGrid Systems Launches Fluoroscopic Guide for THR

OrthoGrid Systems Launches Fluoroscopic Guide for THR

Product is inspired by the company's HipGrid technology.

OrthoGrid Systems Inc. has added a second-generation product to its HipGrid technology --- a intraoperative radiographic alignment system dubbed HipGrid Drone.

Inspired by the company's HipGrid technology, which addresses proper implant positioning and leg length inequality, HipGrid Drone is a reusable, non-sterile device designed to improve ease of use and surgical technique reproducibility for surgeons.

"This is not simply a new product," said Edouard Saget, co-founder of OrthoGrid Systems. "It is the transformation into a complete system of what our surgeons are already calling an elegant and simple solution."

Since its inception, OrthoGrid has revealed data hidden within an intraoperative X-ray that cannot be accurately seen with the naked eye, according to the company. Prior to the firm's HipGrid technology, surgeons had no adequate options to access all available data through an intraoperative X-ray.

"It is easy to learn, easily adopted by any operating room and cost efficient. Simply put, our products allow surgeons to perform their best in surgery," said Richard Boddington, OrthoGrid's co-founder who oversaw the HipGrid Drone's research and development. "That is the driving force behind our extensive trial period for the new HipGrid Drone. After years of observing this technology at work, we are confident that any surgeon trialing the new HipGrid Drone will discover new information that enhances the quality of intraoperative assessment of key elements of total hip surgery. This technology is valuable to physicians and patients alike because it eliminates as much guesswork and judgment as possible from the surgical procedure. We strongly believe HipGrid Drone is the most reproducible and cost effective solution to achieve quality outcomes on a routine basis."

OrthoGrid unveiled the HipGrid Drone at the American Academy of Hip and Knee Surgeon (AAHKS) meeting this week and will begin selling it during the fourth quarter of 2015.

HipGrid Drone is a U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved, Class I, reusable medical device that works with standard C-arms available in most operating rooms. Orthopedic surgeons can choose from two distinct techniques, HipGrid TearDrop Target (9-inch) technique or HipGrid TearDrop Vector (12-inch) technique, based on surgical preference and fluoroscope type.

OrthoGrid Systems is a privately owned, medical device company based in Salt Lake City, Utah, that develops technology to help orthopedic surgeons position implants and restore leg length during anterior approaches to total hip replacement.

Learn more about the company's technology in the video below:

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