Mini MRI for Hand and Wrist Imaging Can Be Used Nearly Anywhere

Mini MRI for Hand and Wrist Imaging Can Be Used Nearly Anywhere

It does not require a special RF-shielded facility, allowing patients to even use their mobile phones.

By Aspect Imaging12.06.16

Aspect Imaging, a life science company and manufacturer of compact MRI complete systems, has unveiled the WirstView, a point-of-care, self-shielded, dedicated hand and wrist MRI system that produces high quality MR images affordably and easily.
The CE and FDA-cleared WristView is a game changer for the healthcare industry. The system does not require an RF-shielded facility or cooling system, is simple to operate and compact, yet doesn’t compromise image quality. The WristView cuts out the claustrophobic feelings associated with conventional full-body MRI systems for patients requiring hand or wrist imaging. The system is safe, requiring no cooling systems, while providing results that can be easily accessed by doctors across a broad range of fields. The system can also operate in medical point-of-care facilities which would not normally have the budget or the specialized staff required to operate a full-body MRI scan.
The WristView has many advantages over conventional MRI machines, allowing quick, easy, and cost-effective diagnoses of hand and wrist injuries. The compact and powerful system can fit in just about any facility, and preliminary screening only requires five minutes. In addition, patients in need of a wrist exam only need to insert their arm in the MRI machine, rather than their entire body. Those being examined can even play on their mobile phones during the exam, as metal near the WristView is not an issue, unlike with other MRI machines.
The WristView MRI system is a game changer in healthcare management, enabling the transition from “fee for service” models of healthcare delivery, to “value added” care models, such as enhanced patient monitoring and rehabilitation practices. According to the GDG (Guideline Development Group) of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), MRI is regarded as the most accurate and only acceptable method for detecting scaphoid fractures. Neither X-rays nor CT appeared to have sufficient sensitivity to prohibit unacceptable levels of missed fractures. The GDG also noted that MRI is able to diagnose soft tissue injuries and would therefore reduce the need for further imaging and reduce repeat hospital appointments.
“Our MRI solutions not only simplify physicians’ jobs, but they also make patients’ lives much easier,” said Uri Rapoport, founder, president & CEO of Aspect Imaging. “Physicians can place this MRI system in any clinic or facility, while patients can come in for a quick and stress-free exam that is far more accurate than other exams available today.”
In addition to the WristView, Aspect Imaging has developed and released a family of eight different products, specializing in the medical, advanced industrial, and preclinical fields. The company’s MRI products are significantly more compact than conventional MRI and can be placed almost anywhere, requiring no special facilities or infrastructure. Due to these smaller, easier-to-use, and more affordable systems, hospitals and private clinics are able to include them in their facilities, providing patients with more access. Importantly, Aspect’s compact MRI systems do not compromise the high quality of the images generated by the MRI system.
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