Financial Perspectives

  • A Healthy Prognosis for Medtech M&A

    A Healthy Prognosis for Medtech M&A

    As we get deeper into 2016, many people ask me what I think about the current merger and acquisition (M&A) activity and cycle. Among the most popular questions are: Can it continue? Where are valuations headed? When will it slow down? Who is inve…
    Mark Bonifacio, Bonifacio Consulting Services 05.23.16

  • Medtech IPOs Rebounding Strongly, Poised for Growth in 2015

    At long last, a glimmer of hope.Medtech venture capitalists will likely remember 2014 as the Year of Redemption—the point at which funding finally freed itself from the dark recesses of the investment abyss. Mergers/acquisitions and initial pub…