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September 2:
Asterias Biotherapeutics Begins Next phase of Cervical SCI Trial
Treatment is derived from embryonic stem cells that targets central nervous system.

August 30:
Scientists Create Computer Algorithm to Refine Stem Cell Engineering
Mayo Clinic will provide open access to the platform.

August 29:
Materialise Partners With Hand Specialist to Treat Pediatric Complex Fractures
3-D technology is proving to be a boon to pediatric orthopedic market.

High Success Rates Seen for Combined Meniscal, ACL Repair
Study finds more than two-thirds of meniscal repairs successful.

Chinese Doctors Implant 3-D Printed Vertebrae in Boy
Implant needed no fixation devices or glue.

August 28:
Hip Surgery Reduces Lifetime Healthcare Costs by $65K per Patient
Study finds total lifetime societal savings exceeded $16 billion for older patients.

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The Top 10 Orthopedic Device Firms
The orthopedic industry's largest firms adapt to new market realities to survive on top.
By Editorial Director Christopher Delporte & Managing Editor Michael Barbella

Room to Grow: Emerging Growth Orthopedic Companies
There's still room for upstarts with solid technology and a winning value proposition to take on the orthopedic industry's heavyweights. ODT profiles four up-and-comers with their eyes on the prize.
By Christopher Delporte & Michael Barbella

The Exoskeleton Frontier
In June, the FDA approved the United States' first exoskeleton device for patients with lower-limb immobility. There is much more in store for this exciting new technology.
By Ranica Arrowsmith

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