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July 22:
Study Claims Customized iTotal Knee from ConforMIS Can Improve Hospital Outcomes
Reduced adverse events, lower costs and improved hospital discharge are benefits, study concludes.

BioUtah Elects New Board Chairmen
Founding chairmen have finished their two-year term.

Medbio Adds to its Manufacturing Capacity
Company is expanding its facility in Grand Rapids, Mich.

British Researchers Aim to Improve Bone Disease Treatment
University team to use old stem cells to repair cartilage.

U.S. OKs Expanding Orthopedics' 3-D Expandable Interbody Cage
Clearance comes shortly after CE mark in EU.

Two-Year Trial Results Released for VertiFlex's Spinal Stenosis System
Spinal stenosis is a leading cause of spinal surgery in the elderly.

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Match Game
As large-joint sales stall, orthopedic device makers increasingly are turning to patient-specific instruments and the extremities market for long-term growth.
By Michael Barbella

Safety First
Being the point of contact between device and patient, surfaces are the veritable final frontier of patient safety.
By Ranica Arrowsmith

The Top 7 Considerations in Reusable Device Design
Manufacturers take a closer look at processing requirements.
By Beth Jacques, B.Sc., and Gerald McDonnell, Ph.D., Biotest Laboratories

Adapt to Survive
Adaptive clinical trial design could help medical device firms compete in the face of more stringent European regulatory requirements.
By Laurent Spiess and Erdmann Zippel

A Strategic Analysis of Contract Manufacturing in Orthopedics
An international industry consultant charts current market forces and values in outsourced orthopedic manufacturing.
By Ali Madani

Stryker Interested in Buying Smith & Nephew, But Not Just Yet

Rumors swirling around possible takeover lead the British government to ask questions.
By Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director

Quality and Regulatory Personnel Sometimes Struggle for Cooperation

How can quality professionals get on management's good side?
By Ranica Arrowsmith, Associate Editor

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