• Sharing the Patient’s Experience

    Sharing the Patient’s Experience

    Sean Fenske, Editor || May 19, 2017
    Celebrity endorsements aren’t a new advertising technique by any measure. For most products, however, we have no idea if the celebrity actually uses the product in their daily life or if they’re simply collecting a paycheck to endorse it.…

  • Metal vs. Plastic

    Metal vs. Plastic

    Sean Fenske, Editor || March 22, 2017
    We are in a fantastic age of materials innovation, with so many new options emerging rapidly. Graphene is creating great excitement and could one day prove to be a fantastic material with virtually unlimited applications, both in and out of healthcar…

  • Leading the Way to Healthcare Savings

    Leading the Way to Healthcare Savings

    Sean Fenske, Editor || February 23, 2017
    Regardless of with whom you speak—patient, physician, payer, or even device manufacturer—virtually all agree that the increasing cost of healthcare is becoming unsustainable. We simply cannot continue to see the price steadily rise withou…

  • A Transformative Time for Spinal Technologies

    A Transformative Time for Spinal Technologies

    Sean Fenske, Editor || November 22, 2016
    October marked my first trip to the NASS (North American Spine Society) annual meeting. While I attended the AAOS (American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons) annual meeting earlier in 2016, this was the first time I was going to an event that was focu…

  • At the Start of a Materials Revolution

    At the Start of a Materials Revolution

    Sean Fenske, Editor || September 20, 2016
    Fans of the television show, “Game of Thrones,” are familiar with a special metal that had been used to make extremely high quality swords and blades. The metal was known as Valyrian and the process used to fabricate the metal had been lo…

  • Trends at the Top

    Trends at the Top

    Sean Fenske, Editor || August 9, 2016
    Having been an editor covering this industry prior to my arrival at ODT, I was already familiar with the annual Top Company reports in both this magazine and sister publication, MPO. These issues left me with mixed opinions each year when they would…

  • A Dramatic Transformation

    A Dramatic Transformation

    Sean Fenske, Editor || May 23, 2016
    We are currently at the start of a convergence of factors that could have a disruptive impact on the orthopedic industry in terms of the types of implants that are being used to replace bones and joints, such as in total knee replacement and hip proc…

  • Welcoming Party

    Welcoming Party

    Sean Fenske, Editor || March 23, 2016
    As I mentioned in my previous letter, I’ve been covering this wonderful, ever-changing industry for more than 16 years. As such, I’ve focused on virtually every technology sector at one time or another, from cardiovascular to dental to ne…

  • New Year, New Beginning, New Tax Changes

    New Year, New Beginning, New Tax Changes

    Sean Fenske, Editor || February 17, 2016
    With the start of a new year, many look to make changes that they strive toward accomplishing throughout the subsequent 365 days. It might be losing a few pounds, watching less television, or spending more time with family. Whatever “resolution…

  • Looking Ahead

    November 17, 2015
    Some years are more transformative than others. In all likelihood, 2015 will be remembered as one of the most metamorphic in recent memory. At least in the medical device sector. As the year draws quickly to a close, industry pundits, consultants a…

  • The End—a Good Place to Start

    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director || September 15, 2015
    In the life of a medical device, the information gathered after a product has been approved or cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is just as important as the data gathered to support the device’s premarket submission to the…

  • Success Factors

    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director || August 5, 2015
    How is success measured? How’s that for a broad topic for discussion? Let’s narrow it down a bit. How is success in business evaluated? A little more focused, but still a wide-open question. Is it by profit? That’s certainly one eas…

  • A Bitter Pill

    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director || May 27, 2015
    We’re accustomed to clinical information, studies and patient data compiled by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons that often serve to guide manufacturers’ decision making about product design, regulatory compliance issues o…

  • An Innovation Agenda

    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director || April 1, 2015
    At the beginning of the year, the powers that be at the Washington, D.C.-based Advanced Medical Technology Association (commonly called AdvaMed)—the medical device industry’s largest advocacy group—invite medtech reporters to their…

  • Changes & Opportunities

    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director || February 18, 2015
    As we begin 2015, there’s a lot to be excited about. It’s Orthopedic Design & Technology’s 10th anniversary year, for example. To mark the occasion, we’re planning a look back at the last 10 years in the orthopedic se…