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Memphis in May

The ODT Forum returns to Tennessee for the fourth year. This year’s installment explores operational excellence.

What is going on in Memphis, Tenn., in May? Well, it’s more than just world-renowned barbecued ribs and fantastic jazz music. It’s not just Elvis Presley and a tour of the Jungle Room at Graceland, the king of rock and roll’s Memphis manse. Beyond the blooming dogwoods, Springtime in Memphis this year also means the fourth installment of the Orthopedic Design & Technology Forum, held May 3.

As in years past, the ODT Forum will be held at the FedEx Institute of Technology on the campus of the University of Memphis. Also, as with prior events, this year’s agenda will focus on a central theme, which for 2012, is to explore best practices for providing and achieving “Technical & Operations Excellence in Orthopedics.”

The evening before the full-day conference will offer two unique pre-conference events. The first is a tour of the Memphisfacility of Holt, Mich.-based Orchid Orthopedics. The evening will be capped by a late-night tour (for which participation is limited, so sign up early) of the FedEx Hub at the Memphis International Airport. With parking slots for 175 aircraft, 300 miles of conveyor belts, more than 4,000 employees during the day and 8,000 at night, this unbelievable facility keeps Memphis and FedEx

connected to any point on the globe and handles about 3.3 million packages per day. Attendees will walk the flight line and get up close and personal with the internal workings of this complexfacility; it’s truly an up-close and detailed look at a fascinating part of the supply chain process.

Topics on hand for the day of the conference will cover in-depth issues of interest and importance to orthopedic manufacturingprofessionals. The agenda includes a look at emerging implanttechnology, a discussion of ways to keep manufacturing costs in check, ensuring proper validation, and innovative manufacturing and prototyping processes.

ODT Forum attendees, of course, will have plenty of time tonetwork with new business contacts and industry peers during two networking breaks and an event luncheon.

And why Memphis? Memphis is one of the United States’ largest orthopedic manufacturing hubs. The area is home toorthopedic industry giants such as Medtronic Inc., Smith & Nephew Inc., and Wright Medical Technology Inc., not tomention a host of startups and midsize device firms, along with a host of orthopedic-specific industry suppliers and contractmanufacturers. Even Indiana-based Zimmer Holdings Inc.recently announced plans to open a facility in Memphis. According to a recent report from Life Science Tennessee, the state overall has 738 life-science companies that employ nearly 26,000 Tennesseans who earn more than $69,000 on average, which is 73 percent more than the average private‐sector wage of about $40,000. In medical devices specifically, the average wage is $63,600. According to the association, the Volunteer State ranks seventh in the United States in the size of its medical device industry.

Don’t miss out on a great reason to be in Memphis in May. Come to the ODT Forum and expand your business and your mind (and stay for the BBQ and jazz, of course).

For more information about attending and/or event sponsorship, visit or call Howard Revitch at(201) 880-2243.

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