Premia Spine Launches ProMIS Fixation System

Premia Spine Launches ProMIS Fixation System

Product requires fewer instruments and fewer steps.

By PR Newswire04.06.16
Premia Spine, a spinal implant company specializing in lumbar solutions, has launched the ProMIS Fixation System with advanced MIS screw placement. The official unveiling occurred at the International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery Meeting in Las Vegas, Nev.

To learn more about the ProMIS Fixation System, watch the video below:

ProMIS features a pedicle screw supplied in an individual sterile pack. The Premia Spine screw has a patented surface treatment that promotes bony ingrowth, according to the company. The proprietary implant surface technology consists of a unique roughened topography that creates an optimal screw-bone response and promotes bone growth into the micro-crevices of the screw surface. A peer-reviewed study published in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery demonstrated significant resistance to pullout forces with the Premia Spine pedicle screw. In the sheep study, 2.3 times the force was required to remove the screw with the surface treatment versus a non-treated screw.1

“The ProMIS System is a breakthrough in instrumentation. We have fewer instruments and fewer steps. That saves OR time and reprocessing costs,” CEO Ron Sacher said.

Premia Spine was founded in 2011 after acquiring rights to the TOPS System from Impliant Inc. Nearly $70 million was invested in the development and commercialization of the TOPS System by Impliant. Premia Spine has leveraged the acquired know-how to redesign the TOPS device and develop the ProMIS System.


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