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8 Matchett Dr.
Pierceton, IN 46562
United States

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Phone: (574) 594-2140
Alt Phone: (800) 225-6975
Fax: (574) 594-2154

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Paragon Medical partners with its customers, providing premier engineering from inception to completion of each project developing value engineered products including cases & trays, surgical instruments, and implantable components. Paragon’s commitment to excellence is evident throughout the design, validation, and advanced manufacturing processes

Buyer's Guide

  • Surgical Sophistication

    Surgical Sophistication

    Mark Crawford, Contributing Writer||February 23, 2017
    Complex procedures, robotic systems, and infection prevention are driving innovation in surgical instrumentation.

  • Capital Investments

    Capital Investments

    Sean Fenske, Editor||May 23, 2016
    Prior to making an investment in a new machine, orthopedic device makers need to consider an array of factors.

  • The Gatekeepers

    The Gatekeepers

    Ranica Arrowsmith, Associate Editor||May 23, 2016
    Surface treatments serve as the front lines of human-device interaction.

  • State of (Implant) Affairs

    State of (Implant) Affairs

    Mark Crawford, Contributing Writer||May 23, 2016
    Implant manufacturing has seen few significant changes, but additive manufacturing and advanced materials could change that.

  • Formation


    Ranica Arrowsmith, Associate Editor||March 23, 2016
    Materials form the platform for orthopedic devices achieving biocompatibility in ways more novel than ever before.

  • Singular Sensations

    Singular Sensations

    Michael Barbella , Managing Editor||February 17, 2016
    Disposable instruments are increasingly becoming a cost-effective, clinically sound solution to the challenges facing the orthopedic industry.

  • Sterilizing Risk

    Sterilizing Risk

    Mark Crawford, Contributing Writer||February 17, 2016
    Device manufacturers want more sterilization options at lower costs with no clinical concerns.

  • Using Simulation in Medical Device Design

    Using Simulation in Medical Device Design

    Gareth James, Contributing Writer||November 17, 2015
    Image-based modeling and simulation are becoming increasingly common for device design.

  • Vital Links

    Vital Links

    Mark Crawford, Contributing Writer||November 17, 2015
    Industry consolidation and product complexity are raising the stakes in medtech supplier selection.

  • Machining & Tooling: Pushing the Boundaries

    Machining & Tooling: Pushing the Boundaries

    Mark Crawford, Contributing Writer||September 15, 2015
    Product complexity, miniaturization and advanced materials challenge the limits of machining and tooling.

  • Testing: A Customized Approach

    Testing: A Customized Approach

    Ranica Arrowsmith, Associate Editor||September 15, 2015
    Testing service providers consider each screw, plate and implant as unique as each OEM customer that makes them.

  • Driving a Successful Medical Device Product Development Cycle

    Dawn Lissy, Contributing Writer||August 5, 2015
    When you set out to bring a new medical device to market, avoid spinning your wheels—follow a tried-and-true road map.

  • A Faster Real-World Porous Package Testing Method

    A Faster Real-World Porous Package Testing Method

    Craig Fisch, Nelson Laboratories||May 27, 2015
    A testing facility evaluates the pros and cons of the ASTM F2638 porous packaging test.

  • CMOs Adapt to a Changing R&D Landscape

    Ranica Arrowsmith , Associate Editor||April 1, 2015
    Development-focused R&D becomes the norm in a new technological and economic environment.

  • Instrumentation: Cheap, Strong, New

    Instrumentation: Cheap, Strong, New

    Ranica Arrowsmith, Associate Editor||February 18, 2015
    Innovation is at the heart of how instrument manufacturers increase value for clients without compromising the inherent sturdiness of orthopedic tools.

  • The Unrelenting Pursuit of Quality

    The Unrelenting Pursuit of Quality

    Mark Crawford||December 1, 2014
    When it comes to establishing enterprise-wide quality procedures for orthopedic manufacturers, it takes more than a single approach to create a robust system.

  • Prototyping Via Innovative Customization

    Prototyping Via Innovative Customization

    Ranica Arrowsmith, Associate Editor||December 1, 2014
    Device makers adapt traditional manufacturing techniques to rapidly create cost effective prototypes.

  • The Odd Ones Out

    The Odd Ones Out

    Ranica Arrowsmith, Associate Editor||September 16, 2014
    Differentiating themselves has helped testing service providers address specific needs in the orthopedic sector, while creating targeted offerings OEM clients never even knew they needed.

  • The Exoskeleton Frontier

    The Exoskeleton Frontier

    Ranica Arrowsmith , Associate Editor||August 4, 2014
    In June, the FDA approved the United States' first exoskeleton device for patients with lower-limb immobility. There is much more in store for this exciting new technology.

  • The Top 7 Considerations in Reusable Device Design

    The Top 7 Considerations in Reusable Device Design

    Beth Jacques, B.Sc., and Gerald McDonnell, Ph.D., Biotest Laboratories||May 19, 2014
    Manufacturers take a closer look at processing requirements.

  • Quality Is Everyone

    Quality Is Everyone's Business

    Francisco Almada Lobo||February 18, 2014
    Outlining 10 reasons why the MES/MOM platform is best for manufacturing quality management.

  • Quality: It

    Quality: It's Personal

    Ranica Arrowsmith||November 18, 2013
    Hands-on connection with the device and quality processes as well as a personal stake in the target market is key to ensuring the best possible quality for a product.

  • Asking for the Moon

    Asking for the Moon

    Mark Crawford, Contributing Writer||September 24, 2013
    Faster and cheaper machining and tooling are what OEMs want.

  • Keeping It Covered

    Keeping It Covered

    Mark Crawford, Contributing Writer||May 21, 2013
    Companies look to new coating innovations and processes to provide improved usability, longevity, outcomes and cost.

  • Material Machinations

    Material Machinations

    Mark Crawford , Contributing Writer||March 22, 2013
    Suppliers to continue to reshape offerings as OEM designs become more complex.