24/7 Coaching and Monitoring of TKR Patients at Home

24/7 Coaching and Monitoring of TKR Patients at Home

Claris Reflex device saves providers both time and money by improving patient compliance.

By GlobeNewswire11.08.17

Claris Healthcare is launching Claris Reflex, a new medical device and patient monitoring system to help orthopedic practices across North America monitor the recovery of Total Knee Replacement (TKR) patients. Claris Reflex is the only system to offer continuous coaching at home, from surgical preparation to postoperative care.
Designed specifically for patients aged 65+, Claris Reflex is a coaching system, which allows providers to better manage patients under the new bundled payment for total knee replacement programs including BPCI, CJR and private insurance. Patients are given a wearable sensor and an easy to use tablet; caregivers are provided access to an online dashboard that allows them to monitor patients remotely 24/7.
Geof Auchinleck, CEO, Claris Healthcare, said: “The thought of total knee replacement surgery can be a source of anxiety for a lot of patients, especially those over the age of 65. Claris Reflex removes this fear and allows patients to confidently and independently manage their pre- and post-surgical recovery in their own home. Claris Reflex benefits everyone – first and foremost the patients, but also the clinicians, hospitals, and care providers.”
For clinics, better patient compliance saves time and money by reducing the number of patient days in hospital and skilled nursing facilities (SNF), as well as, reducing the number of physical therapy, home care and emergency room visits.
Dr. Dimmig, of EmergeOrtho, Durham, N.C., one of the first orthopedic clinics to use Claris Reflex, said, “Claris Reflex is a significant innovation that has allowed us to streamline care for our knee replacement patients.  It’s unlike any patient management solution we’ve used before: for our older patients, the product is intuitive and simple to use; and for our staff, it’s enabling us to provide the best care possible while reducing our overall costs.”
Some key features of Claris Reflex include:
  • Activity tracking sensor: monitors each flexion and extension of the patient’s knee, as well as, body position (walking, standing, lying and sitting), icing temperature and compliance with exercises
  • Wireless patient connectivity: patients wear the sensor anywhere, 24/7 for their 8 week recovery: they are not restricted by a tethered system and the data uploads automatically when in range of the tablet
  • Simple patient dashboard: providers can quickly see in real time how patients are progressing with their rehabilitation and be alerted to any issues with their recovery
  • Objective data reporting: enables providers to manage care costs and monitor post-acute outcomes
  • Secure communication: patients and providers can send text messages, videos or photos; request a call and/or an appointment with a provider; and make video calls (if enabled)
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